How to Attract Consistent Clients as a Social Media Manager

I think one of the hardest parts of business at the beginning is learning how to attract consistent clients without it taking up all your time and effort.

Over time, the Social Media Management industry has gotten more saturated so we need to be a little more strategic with how we’re getting clients these days.

Learn how to attract consistent clients as a Social Media Manager today!

Back in 2016 when I first started, I could easily get clients from Facebook groups by just saying some variation of “hey I do this – here’s my website link” but nowadays, not only is it more saturated but most Facebook groups have stricter rules.

Share value // 

Sharing value showcases you as the expert in your field so whatever platform you utilize for this whether your blog, podcast, Instagram, or within Facebook groups, make sure you’re always sharing valuable information that is appealing to your ideal clients.

Don’t be afraid to pitch yourself // 

I know pitching ourselves can be a little intimidating at times but no one is going to know what you have to offer if you don’t share it from time to time. Now obviously you don’t want to make spamming people with your offerings all that you do, but there should be a balance between sharing valuable, actionable content and promoting yourself.

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals // 

Some of my best and most consistent clients have been referrals (some that I asked for and some that were just placed in my lap) so whenever you wrap a project with someone you really enjoyed working with, don’t shy away from asking them for a testimonial or if they know of anyone looking for your services. It can definitely be a little scary but the worst they can say is no so don’t let fear hold you back from this.

Be consistent + show up // 

Showing up is so key to getting clients. If you’re an online business owner and you drop off the face of the earth from your social media, email marketing, or other content sources, then people are going to forget about you over time so make sure you’re consistent with showing up and putting your offers out there into the world.

Your Turn:

What’s one thing you do as a Social Media Manager to attract consistent clients? Let me know in the comments.

3 Ways to Become More Productive as a Social Media Manager

As online entrepreneurs, it can be pretty easy to lose focus with all the distractions at our fingertips like social media being a major part of our job. Because I know how prevalent this is, I wanted to share some ways to become more productive as a Social Media Manager and stop getting distracted by all the things.

Learn how to be more productive as a Social Media Manager today!

Get all of your systems into place // Systems help us take a load off and automate certain parts of our business so that we can focus on the money generating activities. This includes your client onboarding/offboarding system, your social media schedulers, your project management tool, and more.

Limit the distractions // As Social Media Managers, its even easier to get sucked into distractions because they’re right in front of our face…but if we’re spending extra time on social media that isn’t billable during the day then we’re doing ourselves and our clients a disservice. It is important to say focused on the end game goal and unfortunately, that isn’t looking at cute cat gifs online.

Use a project management tool // I think a project management tool is a must for all online entrepreneurs, especially those who are service based. A project management tool like Asana or ClickUp helps you stay focused and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Your Turn:

How do you stay productive as a Social Media Manager? Let me know down in the comments.

How to Balance Client Work + Marketing Yourself as a Social Media Manager

Balancing your client work and business tasks like marketing can be tough once you start getting a decent amount of clients on your plate. We tend to let our marketing slip when we have a lot of clients to juggle but its so crucial to find a way to do both.

Learn how to balance client work + marketing yourself as a Social Media Manager.

Plan ahead //

Planning ahead is super crucial. When I have slower periods in my business, I make it a priority to plan my marketing efforts so that when I do get super busy, it doesn’t fall to the wayside. I have fallen victim to the busy trap before and completely dropped the ball on my marketing and then ended in a panic when I wasn’t getting any more leads into my business so don’t be like I was because it is not a fun time.

Schedule it out //

Scheduling out your marketing makes it so that it happens even when you do get super busy with client work and other miscellaneous tasks. I like to schedule my content at least a month in advance but I’m wanting to start scheduling out my content quarterly instead.

Make it a nonnegotiable // 

If you didn’t prepare in advance or schedule it out, another way to make it happen is by making it a nonnegotiable. Find small pockets of free time and spend that time on your marketing efforts. There’s no reason we can’t find 15-30 minutes a day to engage with our audience and let them know what we’re all about.

Your Turn: 

How do you balance client work and marketing yourself? Please let me know down below.


The Best Social Media Schedulers for Social Media Managers

As a Social Media Manager, I am all about finding the best tools to use to make my job easier. I’m sharing my picks for social media schedulers so that we can spend more time engaging with our audience and less time trying to decide what to post and when to post it.

Learn the best social media schedulers for social media managers today on Savvy Social Media Managers.

SmarterQueue // 

SmarterQueue has made my life so much easier ever since I found it a few years ago. With its requeue post feature, your evergreen content can continue circulating without you having to lift a finger.

SmarterQueue provides you with pretty in-depth analytics as well so that you can easily share your client’s results with them.

Their basic plan is $19.99/month for up to 4 social profiles, 10 posts/profile per day, and 500 queued posts total.

I’m currently on the $39.99/month plan with 10 social profiles, 20 posts/profile per day, and 1,000 queued posts.

Planoly // 

Planoly is my preferred Instagram scheduler. I love that they have a free plan that allows for up to 30 scheduled posts per month so thankfully, I don’t have to pay for Planoly. When I do Instagram management for clients, I just set up a new account for them using their Instagram login so they can have a free account as well.

Tailwind // 

As a Pinterest strategist, Tailwind is obviously my favorite of all of the social media schedulers mentioned here. Tailwind makes scheduling your pins to Pinterest incredibly easy, especially with the introduction of their newest feature, SmartLoop.

With Tailwind, you can basically set it and forget it with Pinterest until you have new content to add. I am all about automation so I absolutely love when a tool can help me automate my marketing with little effort.

Your Turn:

What are your favorite social media schedulers? Let me know in the comments.

Why It’s Important to Niche Down as a Social Media Manager

As creatives, we want to do #allthethings but in reality, that just leads to burn out and little to no success. In today’s post, I’m sharing why it’s important to niche down as a Social Media Manager and how to do it.

Why It’s Important to Niche Down as a Social Media Manager

Niching down not only helps us hone in on our personal zone of genius but it also helps our potential clients view us as more of an expert in our specific field.

I used to identify as a generalist Social Media Manager and offer social media services for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but I quickly found that I didn’t absolutely love all of the social media channels out there so I was doing myself (and my clients) a disservice by continuing to offer all of the things.

How to Easily Niche Down as a Social Media Manager 

Focus on 1-2 platforms max // 

Because I love Pinterest and Instagram the most, those were the projects I was most excited about and in turn, able to get clients the best results for so I decided to niche down to offering only Pinterest and Instagram management and strategy packages so that I could really focus on the platforms I know and love and continue to get my clients the best results.

Drop the scarcity mindset // 

Having a scarcity mindset is not going to do you any good. If you think niching down will hurt you, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Niching down helps you become more specialized and thus build that like, know, and trust factor at a quicker pace.

Perfect your craft //  

Now that you have more time to focus on your platform(s) of choice, it’s time to perfect your craft. Take the time to educate yourselves and become a pro at your preferred social media channel.

Your Turn:

Have you niched down yet? If not, do you plan to do so soon? Let me know down below.

5 Mistakes Social Media Managers Make When Starting Their Business

As someone who’s been a self-employed Social Media Manager for over 2 years, I have made plenty of mistakes over the years. I feel like I could have been profitable a lot quicker if it wasn’t for these mistakes so I want to point them out to you from the get go so that you can potentially avoid making the same mistakes that I did.

Mistake #1: Not Having Their Client Experience Down 

One of the biggest mistakes I see Social Media Managers (or any service provider for that matter) doing is not mapping out their client experience from the get-go.

As creatives, we want to do all of the fun stuff like coming up with the actual social media strategy and plan out a client’s Instagram feed but it is important to have a thorough client process down before taking on your first few clients if you can help it.

Not only does this save you tons of time, but it also shows your clients that you are serious and they will appreciate that.

I have had clients praise me for my easy to follow client onboarding process and personally, I think it gives your client a good impression from the start and eases any fears they may have had about outsourcing in the first place.

I recommend using a CRM like Dubsado  for a seamless client onboarding/offboarding process. With Dubsado, not only can you use one of their forms for lead capture for potential clients, but you can also set up contracts, invoices, other sub-agreements (or a welcome packet), and more to send automatically so all you have to do is set up these workflows once and it will send out on autopilot.

Mistake #2: Constantly pitching their services but not sharing any value 

I can’t tell you how many times I see other Social Media Managers just posting about their services without sharing why they’re qualified to even be offering these services.

And then, they wonder their Facebook post in a big Facebook group didn’t get any traction. To get clients, you need to gain the like, know, and trust factor and to do that you need to be providing value.

Mistake #3: Not having their systems down from the beginning 

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with mistake #1. I was a hot mess when first starting out when it came to systems and I feel like it totally hindered my growth. I feel like if I would have been more organized I would have had more time to do client outreach and serve my clients better.

Mistake #4: Not knowing who their ideal client actually is

Have you ever taken a client just because you needed the money? I know I sure have and most of the time, I ended up regretting that decision shortly after.

Nowadays, I stick to my ideal client profile pretty much exclusively. It helps both me and the client have a better experience overall.

Mistake #5: Forgetting to continue marketing themselves once they get too busy with clients 

I am extremely guilty of this one but it’s important to never stop showing up even when you get bogged down with client work.

What if one of your clients has to leave for one reason or another? Then you will be scrambling to find a new client to take their place because you weren’t consistently showcasing yourself.

You need to always be working to get new leads in the pipeline so that you can work to expand your Social Media Management business into an agency if you desire.

As a Social Media Manager, have you made any of these mistakes? Let me know down below!

Best Tools for Social Media Managers

As a Social Media Manager, there are so many tools we need in our toolbox so I’m breaking down the essentials in today’s post.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is great for seeing how much traffic you’re getting on both yours and your client’s websites. You are able to see how much traffic is converting from search engines and social media which is helpful information to share with your clients.


SmarterQueue is my preferred social media scheduler for Twitter and my Facebook group. It auto requeues your posts so you never have to worry about manually inputing your evergreen content again.


Tailwind is my preferred Pinterest scheduler. Tailwind has something called Tailwind Tribes available that are basically like group boards within the Tailwind platform.


Asana is my project management tool of choice. This is where I keep track of all of my client work and things that need to be done in my own business.


Bitly allows for you to create special links so you can easily track the performance of specific links.


LastPass is how my clients are able to anonymously share their login information with me. It’s completely free and lets your clients to feel more comfortable with sharing their sensitive information with you.


ConvertKit is my preferred email marketing platform. You can easily create visual automations, send automated sequences, and more. It’s really simple to use and not too expensive.


Planoly is the tool I use to schedule my Instagram posts for all three of my businesses – Breakfast at Lilly’s, Confetti Social, and Savvy Social Hour. I love their drag and drop editor that allows you to seamlessly plan your feed.

Your Turn:

Do you use any of the tools on this list? If so, what are your favorites? If not, let me know which tools you prefer to use in the comments.

How to Become a Social Media Manager

Two years ago I took the leap of faith and decided to become a Social Media Manager and boy, have I learned a lot since then. In December 2016, I left my full-time job as a Social Media Assistant to take my Social Media Marketing agency Confetti Social full time.

I learned the ropes of being a Social Media Manager with very little help along the way so I wanted to be a resource for everyone who is considering or is currently a Social Media Manager and is looking to become the absolute best Social Media Manager that they can be.

Learn how to become a productive and profitable social media manager in a jiffy.

Decide on your niche

The more niched down you are, the easier it will be for you to get clients in the long run. This is something I wish I would have done a lot sooner. It certainly would have saved me a headache but I digress. Whether you decide to niche down in terms of your offerings or the exact industry you want to work with is entirely up to you but it is really important to do regardless.

Get Educated

Social media is always evolving so it’s important to continuously educate yourself on what’s new in the digital world. I never did any formal training per say but I did do my research and was always studying up on the latest and greatest social media trends so that I would be in the know.

Build your own community

Social proof is huge as a new Social Media Manager so it’s important to start building your own community so that you can prove your worth to your future clients.

I got my start as a lifestyle blogger and was able to grow a following on both Instagram and Pinterest in addition to working in social media at my town’s local mall so I was able to leverage that and get clients based upon the results I was able to get at my day job plus my own growth from my blog.

Of course, starting a blog isn’t the only way to gain that social proof. You can always do a few one off projects for free or at a reduced cost so that you can learn the ropes and get testimonials so that you can start working with your ideal clients.

Become a master at time management

Time management is key for Social Media Managers because chances are you’ll have more than just one client. I recommend using a project management tool like Asana to help you structure your business and client work so that you’re on top of it all.

But to do all of these things, you’re going to need a plan! Don’t fret, my Social Media Manager Roadmap will give you all the tools you need to get started as a Social Media Manager.

Final Thoughts: 

Have you started your journey to becoming a Social Media Manager yet? If so, are there any hang-ups you have experienced? Please feel free to let me know down in the comments.

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