I think one of the hardest parts of business at the beginning is learning how to attract consistent clients without it taking up all your time and effort.

Over time, the Social Media Management industry has gotten more saturated so we need to be a little more strategic with how we’re getting clients these days.

Learn how to attract consistent clients as a Social Media Manager today!

Back in 2016 when I first started, I could easily get clients from Facebook groups by just saying some variation of “hey I do this – here’s my website link” but nowadays, not only is it more saturated but most Facebook groups have stricter rules.

Share value // 

Sharing value showcases you as the expert in your field so whatever platform you utilize for this whether your blog, podcast, Instagram, or within Facebook groups, make sure you’re always sharing valuable information that is appealing to your ideal clients.

Don’t be afraid to pitch yourself // 

I know pitching ourselves can be a little intimidating at times but no one is going to know what you have to offer if you don’t share it from time to time. Now obviously you don’t want to make spamming people with your offerings all that you do, but there should be a balance between sharing valuable, actionable content and promoting yourself.

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals // 

Some of my best and most consistent clients have been referrals (some that I asked for and some that were just placed in my lap) so whenever you wrap a project with someone you really enjoyed working with, don’t shy away from asking them for a testimonial or if they know of anyone looking for your services. It can definitely be a little scary but the worst they can say is no so don’t let fear hold you back from this.

Be consistent + show up // 

Showing up is so key to getting clients. If you’re an online business owner and you drop off the face of the earth from your social media, email marketing, or other content sources, then people are going to forget about you over time so make sure you’re consistent with showing up and putting your offers out there into the world.

Your Turn:

What’s one thing you do as a Social Media Manager to attract consistent clients? Let me know in the comments.