Balancing your client work and business tasks like marketing can be tough once you start getting a decent amount of clients on your plate. We tend to let our marketing slip when we have a lot of clients to juggle but its so crucial to find a way to do both.

Learn how to balance client work + marketing yourself as a Social Media Manager.

Plan ahead //

Planning ahead is super crucial. When I have slower periods in my business, I make it a priority to plan my marketing efforts so that when I do get super busy, it doesn’t fall to the wayside. I have fallen victim to the busy trap before and completely dropped the ball on my marketing and then ended in a panic when I wasn’t getting any more leads into my business so don’t be like I was because it is not a fun time.

Schedule it out //

Scheduling out your marketing makes it so that it happens even when you do get super busy with client work and other miscellaneous tasks. I like to schedule my content at least a month in advance but I’m wanting to start scheduling out my content quarterly instead.

Make it a nonnegotiable // 

If you didn’t prepare in advance or schedule it out, another way to make it happen is by making it a nonnegotiable. Find small pockets of free time and spend that time on your marketing efforts. There’s no reason we can’t find 15-30 minutes a day to engage with our audience and let them know what we’re all about.

Your Turn: 

How do you balance client work and marketing yourself? Please let me know down below.