Social Media Schedulers: 

SmarterQueue // This is my preferred tool for scheduling social media on Twitter and within Facebook groups for both myself and clients. I love that it allows me to requeue posts so everything in my queue can be constantly rotating.

Tailwind // This is my scheduler for Pinterest. There’s a really cool feature called SmartLoop that allows for looping of your seasonal and evergreen content. This scheduler is approved by Pinterest so it’s safe to use to start growing your Pinterest traffic.

Planoly  // Planoly is what I use to schedule my Instagram. There’s a drag and drop feature that lets you reorganize your Instagram feed before posting to make sure it looks how you want it to.

Client/Project Management: 

Dubsado // This is the platform I use to send my proposals and contracts in addition to having people fill out forms to work with me. Dubsado also allows for you to send canned emails and set up automated workflows so that you can run your Social Media Management biz on autopilot.

Asana // Asana is my preferred project management tool that helps keep my client work and business in general super organized.

Acuity // This is my appointment scheduler so that I can keep track of all of my discovery calls. This system sends a reminder to everyone who books a call so it limits the amount of no shows.

Email Marketing: 

ConvertKit // ConvertKit is my favorite email marketing software. It is really easy to use and although it’s a little pricey, it’s so worth it!

LeadPages // I use this tool to make pretty landing pages for content upgrades, challenges, and more.

Course Creation:

Teachable // This is what I used to use for hosting my courses and I really enjoyed it. It’s very easy to use and allows for great customization and is pretty affordable.

Kajabi // This is now what I’m using for hosting my courses, membership, and things of that sort. You can also host webinars, do email marketing, and more with Kajabi.

Accounting Software: 

Freshbooks // This is my accounting software. With this, I can send invoices and proposals in addition to keeping track of my team’s time. I am also able to pull reports and analyze how my business is doing financially.

Stock Photos:

Styled Stock Society // This is one of my favorite stock photo membership sites. It’s relatively inexpensive and offers a lot of different options and colorways so it works for so many different businesses.