As a Social Media Manager, there are so many tools we need in our toolbox so I’m breaking down the essentials in today’s post.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is great for seeing how much traffic you’re getting on both yours and your client’s websites. You are able to see how much traffic is converting from search engines and social media which is helpful information to share with your clients.


SmarterQueue is my preferred social media scheduler for Twitter and my Facebook group. It auto requeues your posts so you never have to worry about manually inputing your evergreen content again.


Tailwind is my preferred Pinterest scheduler. Tailwind has something called Tailwind Tribes available that are basically like group boards within the Tailwind platform.


Asana is my project management tool of choice. This is where I keep track of all of my client work and things that need to be done in my own business.


Bitly allows for you to create special links so you can easily track the performance of specific links.


LastPass is how my clients are able to anonymously share their login information with me. It’s completely free and lets your clients to feel more comfortable with sharing their sensitive information with you.


ConvertKit is my preferred email marketing platform. You can easily create visual automations, send automated sequences, and more. It’s really simple to use and not too expensive.


Planoly is the tool I use to schedule my Instagram posts for all three of my businesses – Breakfast at Lilly’s, Confetti Social, and Savvy Social Hour. I love their drag and drop editor that allows you to seamlessly plan your feed.

Your Turn:

Do you use any of the tools on this list? If so, what are your favorites? If not, let me know which tools you prefer to use in the comments.