As online entrepreneurs, it can be pretty easy to lose focus with all the distractions at our fingertips like social media being a major part of our job. Because I know how prevalent this is, I wanted to share some ways to become more productive as a Social Media Manager and stop getting distracted by all the things.

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Get all of your systems into place // Systems help us take a load off and automate certain parts of our business so that we can focus on the money generating activities. This includes your client onboarding/offboarding system, your social media schedulers, your project management tool, and more.

Limit the distractions // As Social Media Managers, its even easier to get sucked into distractions because they’re right in front of our face…but if we’re spending extra time on social media that isn’t billable during the day then we’re doing ourselves and our clients a disservice. It is important to say focused on the end game goal and unfortunately, that isn’t looking at cute cat gifs online.

Use a project management tool // I think a project management tool is a must for all online entrepreneurs, especially those who are service based. A project management tool like Asana or ClickUp helps you stay focused and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Your Turn:

How do you stay productive as a Social Media Manager? Let me know down in the comments.