As creatives, we want to do #allthethings but in reality, that just leads to burn out and little to no success. In today’s post, I’m sharing why it’s important to niche down as a Social Media Manager and how to do it.

Why It’s Important to Niche Down as a Social Media Manager

Niching down not only helps us hone in on our personal zone of genius but it also helps our potential clients view us as more of an expert in our specific field.

I used to identify as a generalist Social Media Manager and offer social media services for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook but I quickly found that I didn’t absolutely love all of the social media channels out there so I was doing myself (and my clients) a disservice by continuing to offer all of the things.

How to Easily Niche Down as a Social Media Manager 

Focus on 1-2 platforms max // 

Because I love Pinterest and Instagram the most, those were the projects I was most excited about and in turn, able to get clients the best results for so I decided to niche down to offering only Pinterest and Instagram management and strategy packages so that I could really focus on the platforms I know and love and continue to get my clients the best results.

Drop the scarcity mindset // 

Having a scarcity mindset is not going to do you any good. If you think niching down will hurt you, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Niching down helps you become more specialized and thus build that like, know, and trust factor at a quicker pace.

Perfect your craft //  

Now that you have more time to focus on your platform(s) of choice, it’s time to perfect your craft. Take the time to educate yourselves and become a pro at your preferred social media channel.

Your Turn:

Have you niched down yet? If not, do you plan to do so soon? Let me know down below.